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save WILDLIFE through Agroforestry

We grow movement among farmers to fight climate change and save Sumatran Wildlife through agroforestry

Hutanriau Foundation ( Yayasan Hutanriau ) was founded in 2015 to support forest communities in Riau. We encourage community empowerment and development through agroforestry and carry the concepts from cultivation to market. We play a dynamic role in advising indigenous peoples of their rights and roles in a nature based livelihood. We support government agencies in analyzing forestry data.  We empower forest management units (KPH) in improving implementation of policies in forest management.
The biggest achievement in the period is our organization successfully gathered Geo-Spatial data related to forest concession and approval for the district of Siak and Pelalawan in Riau Province, Indonesia. This data is importance to assist the Presidential decree on National Strategic area. This data also enable indigenous people to benefit from it by securing their rights in the designated customary land. We also become part of team members that successfully analyzed data for Riau One Map program. In the last two years, we have working on empowering people who live surrounding protected forest of Bukit Betabuh. And we’ve secured up to 900 hectares of the protected forest.
We believe by enhancing rural livelihoods of forest community is a movement to fight climate change and deforestation. It also contributing to sustainable development and social economy equity in natural resources governance. And so, by implementing our mission Hutanriau become the reference to actualize the concept of when the community is prosperous, the forest will be sustainable.
  • We start with data, analyze from the need of local community and start from what they have to build their sustainable livelihoods
  • Empowering forest community to create their own security by optimizing livelihoods from non-timber forest products.
Yayasan Hutanriau is an NGO that established in 2015 registered in notary public: Anisa Ikhsan, SH, MKn/05 on February 23rd 2015 and Minister of Law and Human Rights Decree of the Republic of Indonesia number AHU-0003292.AH.01.04 year 2015

What we do

Community Forest

Dukungan terhadap penguatan masyarakat yang hidup di sekitar hutan dengan memberikan ruang bagi mereka untuk berperan dalam menjaga keanekaragaman hayati sekaligus mendapatkan manfaat ekonomi secara berkelanjutan

Empowering Forest Management Units

Smart Patrol

Business Incubator

Mendorong penguatan pengelolaan lembaga bisnis dari produk-produk lokal sehingga memungkinkan peningkatan daya saing dengan nilai tambah untuk perikehidupan mereka

Participatory mapping

Masyarakat sejahtera, Hutan terjaga


Our Mission

  • Intermediary Institution

    Hutanriau to grow its influence as an intermediary between government agencies and local communities on the ground in improving forest management strategies

  • Local Community

    To empower local communities in Riau through capacity building in cooperation with government agencies

  • Indigenous People

    To empower indigenous people by gaining their rights to natural resources

  • Forest Management Units

    To empower Forest Management Units (KPH) in improving implementation of policies in forest management

  • Natural Resources Management

    To build transparent and accountable management of natural resources in Riau, Indonesia

Our Progress

0Ha Forest Protected
0varietas High Local crop identified
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When the community is prosperous, the forest will be sustainable
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